About Communities Not Cuts

Communities Not Cuts is your central hub when it comes to stopping provincial Progressive Conservative attacks on our wellbeing, and when it comes to uniting Manitobans behind a better vision for our province. By providing basic information in the form below, we can keep you informed and engaged during these important political times.


Communities Not Cuts is a collaborative initiative bringing together a wide range of people and groups in Manitoba, including unions; not-for-profits; community development agencies; neighbourhood organizations; environmental, social, indigenous, migrant justice, and accessibility rights organizations, as well as passionate individuals.


We are united by the belief that our provincial government should promote the health and prosperity of all our communities by supporting social, environmental, economic, and indigenous justice, and that policies of restraint fail us all, economically and socially.


Our goal is to ensure that Manitobans are aware of Progressive Conservative budget cuts and regressive policies that threaten our wellbeing, and come together to hold the provincial government to account.


1) Researching, tracking and raising awareness of public policy and service cuts.

2) Reaching out to individuals and engaging people who want to challenge the provincial government's public policies and service cuts.

3) Reaching out to ally organizations and tracking support for events, campaigns, and initiatives. We want to support the work of existing groups by plugging our supporters in, and by asking them what they need.

4) Complementing and supporting existing organizing in Manitoba. With the most important/urgent issues, we can help bring together affected communities, stakeholder organizations, and our list of concerned supporters. We are also building a digital network and communications tools to engage activists and volunteers.